Warning: 10 proven signs you are destroying your future

( 10 proven signs you are destroying your future)

The time period aged between 16 to 25 years is like a bridge. You either cross the bridge along with enjoying the journey or you get so busy looking at the view that you forget to move forward.

This period marks the basis of your future. There will come certain stages where you have to make sacrifices, and those forgoes will be important to ensure that you are not risking your future.

You will find people telling you that this is the age of enjoying your life, but no. Life has to be enjoyed throughout.

You don’t have to simply exist as soon you cross 25, our life should be such, where every single breath makes us feel alive.

Every moment that you spend building your future is the time you are giving yourself to enjoy the future that you are working towards.

destroying your future

It’s you and it has to be your choice as to how you want to live your life.

Many of us want to become great, to do something big, to reach far places, and for that, we should be willing to do anything.

The best way to predict your future is to create it.

This post is simply going to show you a mirror, it is going to help you know whether you are on the right track or not.

destroying your future

10 proven signs you are destroying your future:

1. You have hidden in a burrow:

Preventing situations and opportunities are only going to put you at loss. It is important to show up in life, to take a step ahead, and mark your presence.

If you are simply waiting for someone to serve you with an opportunity, you will end up losing a major amount of time. Don’t just sit there and wait for everything to fall into place, it isn’t going to.

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You need to plan for the future. You have to work towards it, come out from that dark burrow and do something that your future self will thank you for.

The sad part is, we do not have that much time, what we have is today. Your only possession is this very second, do not rely so much on the future.

This is the time to build yourself and to become who you really want to be.

2.You do not have a timetable for anything:

You might be very capable of spending hours on Netflix without keeping a track of time. This is certainly not something that you should be proud of.

If you do not plan your goals for the day or if you do not have at least one goal that you have to achieve in that time, you have already wasted your day doing nothing.

People who want to be successful cannot afford to waste a single hour and here you simply move forward after wasting a complete day.

You still have time to prevent your future from being destroyed. To make your future, you have to know what it should look like, prepare your long-term goals, and divide them into short-term goals.

Work towards them every day and make sure you plan your day every morning or every night before sleeping. Have a vision for your future and start working towards it.

3.You lack seriousness:

If you are not concerned about your future, you are definitely wrecking it to become worse.

It doesn’t matter at what stage you are in life, whether you are a student or someone who has a job, being serious about your work is paramount.

A student should ensure that his biggest concern is his studies because this is your learning period, this is the stage where you pave the way to better opportunities and for a better future.

If you are serious about everything else other than your studies then life is going to give you results according to that only.

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image of the article destroying your future

Being serious also includes being punctual, giving 100% at whatever you are doing, and not taking the process for granted.

4. You are constantly surrounded by joker heads:

You become who you surround yourself with.

There is no limit on making friends, there are no restrictions on being in a relationship, but gambling your future on this is what will lead you in trouble.

You should be surrounded by people who are driven and goal-oriented, people who can teach you something, whose company will help you to grow.

image of the article destroying your future

Your surroundings influence you and it is in your hand to decide how you want to be influenced.

Being in a relationship will demand a great amount of energy. Again, it is in your hand where you want to put that energy.

If you want to succeed, you have to set a limit to everything except your dreams.

5. Making sacrifices has become your habit:

You have been constantly sacrificing your time for people and things that do not hold any value in front of your dreams.

Stop lending your time so freely to things that don’t matter. You do not have to sacrifice anything when it comes to working towards your dreams, time, energy, nothing.

The important aspect that comes here is the ability to say “no”.

Don’t just always be available for something or someone, saying no might portray you as someone who is rude, but if being rude leads you to a successful future, then you shouldn’t feel ashamed.

6. You always need approval:

This is your life, don’t build it on the basis of someone else’s notions of how it should be.

Seeking approval and taking advice are two different things.

You might always find yourself concerned about how others are going to react to how you look, or what work you do.

When you are habited to seeking approval, directly or indirectly, you lose the power of individuality. You do not need anyone’s permission to do something or to be something that makes you feel good.

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Looking for assurance will lead to a loss of self-confidence. Start having faith in yourself, believe your intuitions, trust your journey and keep going.

7. You run away from responsibilities:

You should learn to take responsibility for yourself. This life is 100% your responsibility. You have to stop blaming people for your failures.

Start working towards your goals, be loyal towards your work. Don’t just play the blame game, it is only going to make things worse.

8. Your greatest fear is to overcome your fears:

image of the article destroying your future

You run away from growth because it involves leaving your comfort zone.

You are comfortable staying at the same place rather than working towards overcoming your fears. This habit is going to put you in trouble.

You cannot achieve great things by staying who you are. Don’t run away from hard work, don’t stop yourself from going forward, don’t let your fears limit you.

9. You have a herd mentality:

Even if 100 people say something foolish it still remains foolish.

You don’t have to follow people or their journey. You have a different life, you are meant to stand out.

You are different and that is your power. Following people blindly, not giving voice to your opinions, sacrificing your choices just because the majority won’t accept them are some signs of the herd mentality.

You are an individual, you need to stay an individual.

10. Not loving yourself :

Accept who you are but always keep room for changes.

Don’t try to change yourself because of someone else. Value and respect the person you are and treat yourself better.

Make yourself a priority and don’t let anybody disrespect you or take you for granted. Life becomes a lot easier when you accept yourself, trust me.

It is not easy but it is definitely worth it.

You have to start giving love to yourself otherwise people will keep on shaping you according to them.

destroying your future

( 10 proven signs that you are destroying your future)

If you wish to build a better future, there is no perfect time than the one you have right now.

You have the ability to overcome every shortcoming, all it takes is patience and hard work.

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( 10 proven signs that you are destroying the future)

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destroying your future

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