There is one thing you can never fail at, being yourself.

Be who you really want to be. Don’t lose yourself for the sake of comforting others. Being yourself is hard. You are constantly surrounded by people who may or may not appreciate the person you are, and that’s okay.

You simply don’t have to give the power to someone who doesn’t value you. Life will not give you another chance to relive what you have and who you are. You have this moment, enjoy it, appreciate your presence.

Don’t be ashamed of the person you are, accept it. Accepting things makes life a lot easier, trust me. When you accept the person you are, you do not allow people to judge your value.

being yourself

Listen to your heart, don’t stop yourself from chasing things that make you happy. If you know that this path is going to give you the life that you deserve, go for it. People are going to stop you, some will be hurt, but it is all going to get better eventually.

Just trust yourself. Don’t fear mistakes or failures. People make mistakes because they take risks, not all risks lead to failures. Some risks come in form of opportunities and you just need to keep on taking risks to reach where you are meant to be.

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Be the strongest person you know, give yourself the power to be who you are. Keep moving forward, don’t turn around, fight all that is holding you back. It looks scary, and that’s why only a few are able to give what it takes. You are one of them, you have everything you need to be successful.

Stop wasting time constantly being someone you are not. Life is short, it might get over at any point in time.

Do everything that you love.

being yourself

Who do you fear? Losing friends, losing family? People are not going to go anywhere, if they really love you, they will stay no matter what.

There is this quote which is my absolute favorite, it says:

“Sometimes you have to risk everything for a dream that no one can see but you.”

and I think it is really powerful. It is your fear that is telling you not to do something because you are unsure of the consequences.

This is the fear you have to overcome. For a moment just think about yourself. Think about who you are and who you really want to be. You don’t have to be always good, sometimes you need to be rebellious if that takes you closer to your dreams.

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Only you know who you want to be, and that’s enough.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post on being yourself.

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