How to stop comparing yourself to others: 10 powerful ways

( Stop comparing yourself to others)

There is this unnecessary and unsaid fight going between human beings to become better than one another.

We are constantly comparing ourselves with other people, with the false standards that have been set on the internet.

More than being involved in our own lives, we are busy living the other person’s life.

Even a 30-second highlight reel becomes a basis for us to compare our lives with that of the other person.

We all hate it when other people compare us with someone else, but we have got so used to comparing looks and salaries that we don’t even realize while we are doing so. 

stop comparing yourself

Stop comparing yourself to others:

Never compare yourself to others.

You have been in the trap for years, it is not easy to simply get over this habit.

You need to know about the harm that it does to your mental health.

There can be severe consequences such as anxiety and depression.

stop comparing yourself

Your life is totally different than the other person, he might not even have the same goals as you have in your life.

This life should describe your journey, it shouldn’t have moments where you are trying to make your life like that of others.

Not all comparisons are indeed going to harm you, some of them are going to motivate you to work harder, which is good.

Unessential comparisons will do no good, they are only going to make you curse your life. 

Why do we compare ourselves to others?

Comparison is a natural process.

People compare themselves to estimate their strengths and to get an idea of where they stand.

Area 9 ( a strip of cortex that spans the frontal lobe) of the brain is responsible for such behavior.

Comparisons not only help us to judge our abilities but they are used to judge other people too.

We usually set a standard, and through this, we judge ourselves and the people around us. 

How to stop comparing yourself to others?

stop comparing yourself

Comparison is not always beneficial.

Sometimes comparing ourselves with other people can lead to low self-confidence and feeling of jealousy.

Sadly, we cannot forever isolate ourselves from the people that surround us.

We will always be surrounded by social beings and thus it becomes important that we learn to live with it.

Here are 10 powerful ways that are going to help you stop comparing your life with others.

1. Appreciate others for their victories: 

When a friend comes to you excitedly to tell you that he has achieved something great, don’t just sulk over it.

Appreciate that friend for his hard work, be a part of his success. Even if it doesn’t come naturally, it is still important to show that you appreciate it.

Learn to be happy for someone else’s happiness, it is going to prevent you from criticizing your fate or getting jealous of other people’s life.

Just be happy for them, don’t try to make them feel guilty about celebrating their success.

When you make yourself a part of someone’s contentment, you become happy.

It might not be easy, trying it regularly is going to help you develop this virtue of appreciation.

Gradually, you are going to see an immense change in the way you think and react to situations both internally and externally.

2. Talk to yourself about how you feel:

You don’t have to hide your feelings from yourself.

The aim is to know what you’re feeling and resolve things that are arising from such feelings.

The way you recommend solutions to a friend, it is time you give the same advice to yourself too.

Talk to yourself about how you feel, find out the reason why you are feeling so.

Doing this will help you overcome the thoughts that have been troubling you.

You will be able to think more about the problem when you truly understand what the problem is.

Write down your problems or your feelings on a piece of paper, read it and acknowledge it. 

3. Know what you want to do with your life:
stop comparing yourself

You should know what are your expectations from your life.

Your expectations need to be set according to you and not based on what other people are doing around you.

Knowing this will help you work towards it.

You should have your own criterion to judge your performance.

If you do not know what exactly you want from life, don’t worry. Just keep exploring, you will eventually find that thing where your interest truly lies.

You can try attending different seminars, you can opt for new courses, you can even take up a new hobby.

There are numerous things you can do, don’t simply waste your time focussing on someone else’s life.

4. Keep it original:

Your life is different, maintain its originality.

If your decisions are based on what other people are doing, then you are simply losing control over your life.

Life doesn’t need to be perfect, it is your canvas, you can paint it just the way you want.

It is all up to you, how you want your life to be, who you want to be, where you want to end up in life.

Just remind yourself that your life is not the same as that of those around you and therefore it is going to have different problems.

Accept the life you have, love it, and make the best of it. 

5. Focus on developing self-confidence:

Having faith in yourself is important.

Believe that whatever you are going through will help you in some way or the other.

Trust your abilities, acquaint yourself with your inner strength. Tell yourself that you are not less than anyone.

Have a firm belief in yourself, assure yourself that you are beautiful.

Work towards building self-esteem-


Overcome your fears and insecurities. Don’t let anyone bring you down.

6. Maintain a gratitude diary:

A gratitude diary is necessary for days when you feel unsatisfied with life.

It helps you gain motivation, it helps you count your blessings. Before going to bed, write 3 things that you achieved today or things that made you feel happy.

This small habit is going to help you feel light-hearted, it will make you feel content with whatever you have in life.

7. Take a break:

You know what is troubling you, be it social media or a toxic group of people.

Take a break.

It is going to free your mind from things that tend to make you feel low.

It is okay to isolate yourself from things that don’t feel good, sometimes you just need time to accept things that are going around or within you. 

8. Start loving yourself:

You don’t compare your mom with your friend’s mom, right? You love her just the way she is, you don’t want her to change, you don’t want her to feel bad about herself.

Similarly, when you love yourself, you are accepting who you are.

Just loving yourself can give you the strength to overcome the habit of comparing yourself with others.

Appreciate small things that make you different.

Work on building yourself into a better person, lift yourself when you feel low, and embrace your flaws.

9. Your life has a different purpose:

Your life’s purpose is not to be like others.

There are a lot more things in life than just comparing yourself with someone who doesn’t even have the same name as you do.

You do not have to be like someone else, you are capable of making your life much better than what you compare it with.

Find what you want from your life, and then work towards it.

10. Stop yourself:
stop comparing yourself

Whenever you find yourself unnecessarily comparing things or situations, tell yourself to immediately stop.

Evaluate whether the comparison is worth it or not. It should not tend to make you feel unsatisfied or displeased.

Give yourself positive self-talk, remind yourself of all the good things that have happened to you.

It’s easy to compare yourself with others. It takes a lot of courage to accept things.

Be so confident with whoever you are that it doesn’t affect you what other people say or do.

Get busy in making the reality as beautiful as your dreams. 

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