Read now: 25 signs you are growing as a person

25 signs you are growing as a person

Growth is what differentiates living beings from an object. A human can go through both types of growth, be it internal or external.

Your external growth might cease after you reach a certain age, but you tend to and you should keep on growing internally as long as you are alive.

We cannot remain the same throughout our lives. We go through a lot of phases that change us in some way or the other. It is important to direct the thoughts so that it helps you grow through whatever you go through.

Growing as a person is a good sign, you are becoming better, your soul is evolving into becoming stronger and more beautiful.

We all might be struggling in life to detach ourselves from something that is troubling us, and sometimes we are unable to measure how far we have come.

These 25 signs will tell if you are growing interanally into a better person:

1.You choose to be happy:

No matter whatever you go through, you know you always have a choice. You have chosen to not let anything steal your happiness.

Your happiness is not dependent on anything or anyone.

2. You have started looking at the positive side of things:

Everything happens for a reason, and you wish to seek that reason.

When you connect the dots, you see that everything that has happened to you over time was important to shaping you into the person you are today.

3. It doesn’t bother you if people like you or not:

It doesn’t affect you if people like you or not. You focus on being yourself.

You don’t go around seeking acceptance from people. You value people who are there in your life and who make your life special.

Life is much more than forcing someone to like you.

4. You have become more serious about how you spend your time:

You have stopped wasting your time on things that don’t add any value to your life.

You spend less time on social media and more time focussing on your well-being. You do not just waste your day doing nothing, preparing a schedule is an important part of your day.

5.You are able to control your emotions:

You do not lose your temper easily. You have more control over how you feel and how you let other people make you feel.

You understand that how you react can influence what others around you feel.

6. You have become more empathetic:

growing as a person

You support people to become better, you have started appreciating them for who they are.

Feeling emotions deeply is one sign of being empathetic.

7. You have accepted the person you are:

You are not willing to change yourself for the sake of making anyone else happy. You wish to become better, and you know that it is a gradual process.

Wanting to change into a better human being doesn’t mean you hate yourself.

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8. You have started taking responsibility for your life:

Everything that is going to happen to your life, how your life turns out to be, is all your responsibility.

You have accepted the fact that only you have the steering and it will be your decisions that shape your life.

You do not blame anyone or any situation, instead, you take control.

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9. You don’t let anyone control you:

This life is yours and you don’t want people to influence it for bad.

People might be giving you lots of advice, but it is you who makes the end decision.

You wish to fly, you want to make your life exactly the way you want it to be.

10. You are constantly learning about life:

Life is constantly teaching us something or the other, you have started to shift your focus on that.

Instead of dwelling over the problems in life, you are looking for solutions.

You are more patient, you are ready to accept whatever life has to offer you.

11. You don’t unnecessarily compete:

You have stopped comparing your life with those of others. Your aim in life is different and it doesn’t have to match anybody else’s.

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12. You have started to accept things and people:

Instead of wanting everyone to change, you have accepted the fact that you simply cannot change others.

You have accepted people and situations as they are. Acceptance is the key to happiness, and your happiness is important.

13. You are constantly trying to make yourself better:

growing as a person

You are working on yourself, you are pushing hard to achieve your goals. You want to add meaning to each day you are living.

14. You can see and feel the changes within you:

When you look back, you can see how you have grown. This is the biggest sign telling that you have emerged into a much better person.

15. You are more at peace with yourself:

The unknown struggle has ended. You have found the peace residing within you and you are content with your current being.

You are working hard and you know that you are going to get the fruit of this hard work. You focus on maintaining your mental peace.

16. You plan for the future:

You have decided what your future is going to look like and you are going to build that future at any cost.

You keep on working towards new goals to stay in momentum. You like the hustle, you like having an aim to wake up early every morning.

17. You choose the type of people you want in your life:

You know what kind of people you want in your life. You cannot simply get comfortable with anyone you meet. You wisely choose the people you want to hang out with.

You understand that people can highly influence your mood and your being and therefore it becomes important for you to choose people who understand you.

18. You think and then decide:

There is no hurry in making a decision. You have become more patient with life.

As you have understood that the decisions you make can affect how your life turns out to be, you try to make a decision that benefits you.

You take your time instead of just spilling out what comes to your mind.

19. You have started taking up healthy habits:

You have moved your focus on your overall well-being. You have started indulging yourself in some healthy activities such as, working out, or going for walks, or taking care of your sleep schedule.

You respect your body and you have also understood the importance of health.

20. You are on the path of discovering yourself:

growing as a person

You do not shy away from trying new things or meeting new people. You take risks, you explore new ways, you welcome new perspectives.

21. You have stopped being a people pleaser:

You have understood the fact that you simply cannot make everyone happy. You do not feel guilty while saying “no” to certain things or people.

22. You have become braver:

You have overcome a lot of your fears over all this time. You have become bold when it comes to making decisions.

You are not scared to speak your mind and you are ready to face everything that life has to offer you.

23. Doing nothing makes you feel uncomfortable:

You are so used to moving and hustling that when you find yourself doing nothing, you feel uncomfortable.

Even in your break time, you wish to do something productive, you want to make your every second as productive as possible.

The hustle helps to ensure that you are moving.

24. You wish be stay independent:

You rely on yourself for your needs. You don’t want to depend on others for anything. You are capable to provide yourself enough emotional support

25. You have started to appreciate efforts:

You don’t take people around you for granted, you see their efforts and you respect them for who they are.

Growing as a person

I hope you liked this post. Comment down your views and what growth means to you.

Growing as a person

Growing as a person

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