How to work for long hours: 10 valuable tips


The pandemic has left everyone lazy ( except our moms, of course).

No matter how much we try, the day still seems small to complete all our goals. Even if we try to work hard or push ourselves to give a little more, we end up losing our concentration or feeling exhausted.

work for long hours

The average number of time that a person gives to work shouldn’t be more than 10 hours. People might be working 10 hours a day but may not find any significant results from that work because of maybe low energy or low concentration.

Along with increasing our working hours, we also have to focus on increasing our productivity, because we simply cannot push ourselves to work even when we are worn out.

Here is a list of 10 best ways which are going to help you work for longer hours without feeling exhausted:

1.Schedule work on the basis of your energy levels:

You definitely cannot have a high energy level throughout the day.

Recognize the time periods where you are most productive, schedule your work on the basis of that. Allot tasks that require high concentration and energy to those slots where you feel the most productive.

work for long hours

Like, I am able to work my best in the evenings and therefore I do the most important work at that time.

Similarly, things that do not require much energy, such as replying to emails or planning for something, can be scheduled for remaining slots.

This way you will be able to work even when you are not at your best, plus, you won’t face any loss.

2. Understand what type of person you are:

Everyone has different working habits. You might be a person who needs 5-10min. break after continuously working 2 hours. There might be others who can work for 3-4 hours continuously.

You need to first know what type of pattern suits you. Try different schedules until you find the one that gives you the results you are looking for.

Remember, you don’t have to push yourself to become something you are not. Here we are only discovering what is your working style. Forcing yourself will lead to less productivity levels.

3. Work towards making your working space better:

Most of us are at our homes, be it students, people who are doing jobs, or people who generally work from home.

When you are at school or office, the working conditions cannot be changed that easily. Some places have a great environment that contributes to better productivity.

work for long hours

When you are at your home, the surroundings in which you work are in your hand. Improve the conditions, keep the room clean and ventilated.

You can also stick some motivation on the wall in front of your table. This is going to give inspiration and prevent that monotonous feel while working.

4. Just start:

Sometimes the biggest thing that can prevent us from working for long hours can be overthinking.

Even before starting to do the work, we fill our minds with the fear of not being able to complete it. We even tend to exhaust ourselves by continuously thinking about the amount of effort that we have to put in.

Stop thinking so much and just start doing the task. If you find yourself sulking over the work, immediately stop yourself.

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I had read it somewhere that, if you mope about doing something for more than 5 seconds, there are chances that you will not be able to do the task with your full potential.

It is better to not think about anything and just start doing the work. And trust me, this thing has actually helped me to get up early in the morning.

The more you think, the more you delay, and then your brain starts giving you all possible reasons to not do that work.

5. Avoid frequent distractions:

As we know, distractions tend to kill concentration. It is not easy to completely direct our mind towards work, and then, if we are surrounded by distractions, it becomes completely impossible.

Your biggest distraction can be your phone. There are certain habits that I have formed while working. I always put my phone on silent and put it out of my sight.

You need to understand that there is nothing more important than your work especially when you are working. Keeping the phone out of sight prevents me from checking it frequently.

No call is important for me when I am involved in an important task, and that’s why I put the phone on silent so that I can fully concentrate on work.

Creating focus while working also requires energy and when you are constantly interrupted, you have to spend a lot of energy to build that focus again.

This process will leave you exhausted, no doubt. So avoid intrusions as far as possible.

6. Learn from the previous day:

Maybe today when you assess yourself, you might notice you were not as productive as you wished to be.

Don’t worry, you are just starting off and it is going to take time. Get the measure of all the tasks you did today. See where you could have saved more time, or things where you shouldn’t have dwelled much upon.

Learn from the mistakes that you made and try not to repeat the same mistakes tomorrow.

7. Focus on making your mornings as good as possible:

How you start your day affects a lot of how your day goes.

Try to have a good and energetic morning. I personally love to work out because it sets up the energy level for the day. I have noticed that on the days when I do not work out, I feel more sleepy as compared to the rest of the days, and that results in low energy throughout.

It is totally up to you how you want to start your day. It is important to not crawl in the blanket for a long time, push yourself to get off the bed.

You can spend your time in the fresh morning air. You could meditate or even do yoga. Just make sure that your mornings are fun, energetic, and productive.

8. Prepare a proper timetable:

You might be already preparing a list of things you have to do on a particular day. This is not enough. Along with preparing that list, you should also write the time slots in which you have to complete those tasks.

Like, when I put together all the things I need to do today, along with it, I write the time period in which I have to complete those tasks.

Like, the first five tasks should be completed by 12:30 PM, then the next 3 tasks by 3:30 PM, and so on. This ensures that I do not waste my time on anything useless and work towards finishing those tasks before the deadline.

Also, it makes sure that I do not spend extra time on things that are not that important because I have limited time, that is till 12:30 or till 3:30.

9. Listen to your body:

Listen to the vibe, listen to what your body needs at the moment. If you are tired from working and if you know that a break is going to help you recover, just give yourself a break.

Similarly, if you are feeling extremely sleepy, then pushing yourself to work won’t result in anything. Just take a power nap, you are going to feel much better and it will also allow you to continue working for longer hours.

But be true to yourself, if you decided to take a 1-hour nap, it has to be a 1-hour nap. Do not extend it to 3 or 4 hours.

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10. Prepare yourself for the next day:

Working for long hours is not a one-day goal, it has to be followed every day. Layout a sketch as to how your next day is going to look like.

Prepare your schedule the night before. It is going to help you prepare yourself for working hard the next day and you will feel less exhausted.

Just remember that through all this process, you have to stay true to yourself. Don’t just fill in the space with your excuses, it is only going to harm you and prevent you from reaching your goal.

I hope this post helped you.
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