How to actually be perfect and overcome the myth of “perfectionism”?

Everyone wants to be perfect, but is it really possible?

To some extent, yes.

If you define what perfect means to you, then you can be.

If you walk on someone else’s notion of being perfect, you will spend your whole life but still won’t be able to become perfect.

It depends on what perfect means to you, how do you see yourself when you say that you want to be perfect.

For me, being perfect only means bettering yourself to reach the being where I feel proud of who I am.

I think that’s a really positive way to see the notion of being perfect.

Here’s a list of 6 ways to help you become perfect:

  1. Imagine your higher self
  2. Focus on things that are actually important
  3. Build confidence
  4. Know what you are saying
  5. Take care of yourself
  6. Be kind

1.Imagine your higher self:

“You become what you think.”

If you are going to imagine yourself as someone much better than what you are now, you are going to eventually end up acting like your higher self.

Nobody is born perfect, it is one’s desire to become someone of value.

Make a list in your mind as to who you want to be, act like the person you are wishing to become.

Mindfulness is going to really help you achieve your higher state of being.

2.Focus on things that are actually important:

It is extremely important to prepare a priority list.

You will spend half of your life putting your maximum energy into things that don’t really matter, and this is what is stopping you from becoming better.

Only you know what is important to you, you need to focus on those things that are going to help you build your future, actually important things.

Your aim in life should be something that results in you becoming who you always wanted to be.

Living your life for others isn’t what you were born for.

3.Build confidence:

Confidence really helps you stand apart.

You should be confident with who you are, even if you haven’t become what you wanted to be, even though you are still working to be someone you will admire, you can still be proud of yourself.

True confidence comes from acceptance, acceptance of who you are.

If you are in peace with your present, if you know that you are going to get better, you will surely improve.

All the extraordinary people have accepted that they are different and this is what makes them grow into much better people.

Learn what’s stopping you from becoming extraordinary: “12 habits that are stopping you from being extraordinary.”

4.Know what you are saying:

I don’t think that there is a much better way to improve yourself than knowing who you are and then working on it.

Let’s just accept it, people want to become perfect so that they can raise their value in society.

Everyone wants to be valued but that shouldn’t be the only force that drives you towards bettering yourself.

We are going to also talk a bit about “perfectionism” in the latter part of this article.

What you say is really important because that’s probably the only way through which you let your mind speak.

What you say and how you say it can really impact your image.

Use your words wisely so that you don’t regret them later.

5.Take care of yourself:

Loving yourself, giving yourself proper care can help you rise.

Taking care of yourself does not only mean taking care of what you wear or how you look.

Those things are also important but that’s not all.

Taking care of your mental health is also important.

You shouldn’t depend on others for your well-being and happiness, your happiness only and only depends on you.

When you accept the fact that you are enough to bring yourself happiness, you are going to grow more beautiful.

6.Be kind:

Being kind is important. It does not only help make other people happy but it also raises your standards in front of the other person’s eyes.

I am not saying that you should be kind only to impress other people, but, if kindness doesn’t come naturally to you, you can at least practice it in this manner.

There are a lot of benefits of being kind, you make others feel good, you give them respect and love that they deserve, and you improve your image at the same time.

Being kind is also a great way to manage your anger.

We have talked about ways in which you can actually be perfect.

This world won’t let us live peacefully and hence it created these notions of false perfectionism.

First, we need to know that there is a different meaning for everyone of what perfect means.

You only have to stand up to the definition of perfect that you have set for yourself.

What perfectionism means?

According to good reads,

Perfectionism is often defined as the need to be or appear to be perfect or even to believe that it’s possible to achieve perfection.

Attaining perfectionism, especially according to society is not as easy as it looks.

People have set an unrealistic definition of how a perfect man or a woman should be and how should a perfect life be.

These definitions have certainly resulted in many problems and people tend to judge other people based on these notions.

How you can overcome the myth of perfectionism?

Overcoming this false notion of perfectionism is important and what is more important is to live life freely and not under the pressure of becoming “perfect”.

Here are some effective tips to overcome the myth of perfectionism:

1.Ask yourself, how will you be benefited by being someone you are not.

2. Life is too short to live it on someone else’s terms

3. Once you accept who you are, you become deaf to other people’s judgments

4. Choose between being happy or “perfect” because you cannot simply achieve someone else’s notion of being perfect.

5. Create your own realistic goals than achieving something which isn’t real.

6. You don’t have to lose your own identity to make someone else happy

7. “Yes” is not the answer to every situation. Learn to say “No”.

8. Start loving yourself. That’s the biggest weapon to fight against someone who doesn’t accept you for who you are.

9. Focus only and only on yourself. You should not have time to listen to unnecessary criticism.

10. Direct your energy to things that make you happy.

Be your own perfect and don’t let this world change you. You are the best version of “you” and nobody stands a chance to be like you.

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