Healing is a gentle process: 13 amazing ways to heal yourself

Healing requires patience and love. There can be numerous ways to heal yourself. You should care for your body and for yourself just as you would care for anybody else close to you.

Heal yourself from all that has troubled you so far. Healing should not feel like a punishment.

Ignoring things won’t make the process end sooner, accepting yourself, accepting the present will do. It is time to end the suffering, you had enough. Heal yourself physically and mentally and focus on being happy.

Here’s a list of 13 amazing ways to heal yourself:


Many of us underestimate the potential that meditation has to heal us.

The internet is flooded with different techniques to meditate. Meditation is something that will greatly help you to calm your mind.

Everyone sits in a meditating posture with a different aim. Some have to improve their breathing, some do it for better health, I personally do it to improve my thinking process.

When you sit with an aim to calm your mind, you actually start achieving that. When you want to achieve a state of quietness, your body is going to help you attain that.

Sit with your eyes closed, focus on the blank, pay attention to your breathing, ask yourself to calm down. It is just you and the peace at this moment.

Connect yourself with that element of calmness, feel your mind getting relaxed. Once you are done with this, you will feel different, more patient, more peaceful.

2. Find a purpose:

Our minds tend to wander to different and unnecessary places when it doesn’t have a direction. Give your mind that direction. Add some meaning to your days, don’t just wake up for the sake of just waking up.

Set regular goals, achieve them at any cost. Plan towards becoming all that you ever wanted to be. Develop new skills, learn something new, do what you feel like.

Don’t just drag yourself throughout the day.

3. Visualize:

If you don’t like where you are, change that. Visualize your happy self, someone who you would look up to. Imagine that version of yourself that makes you proud.

ways to heal yourself- thinking

Ask yourself whether your current condition is contributing to your higher self? If the answer is no, then work towards being that person. Don’t punish your future self for something that doesn’t hold any value.

All those things that are troubling you right now, have to go away before it’s too late.

4. Listen to your body:

Don’t push yourself to do something that is going to cause you trouble. This is the time of healing, it has to be a gentle process. Pay attention to the indications that your body is giving you.

If it seems that switching to a healthy diet will make you feel better about yourself, do it. Don’t just ignore the signs. If your mind needs a break from something, give it.

Nothing at this moment is more important than your well-being.

5. Connect with positive people:

Being in isolation might not always help you overcome whatever you are going through. Try talking to someone close to you. Talk to them about things other than your problems.

ways to heal yourself- socializing

You don’t always need someone to give you a solution to that problem, sometimes it is about a company that makes you forget about that problem.

Finding or hanging out with someone, making plans with them, laughing together can also feel like therapy most of the time.

6. Spend some time with yourself:

Hold on for a while. Sit with yourself, listen to music, and feel whatever you are feeling.

Cry if you want to, let out everything that is making your heart feel heavy. It’s not bad to let out your feelings in form of tears, it is a healing process.

Get up, shrug off the despair, motivate yourself to be strong. You are enough to make yourself feel better, only you can complete yourself.

Or if you are happy today, celebrate it. Get yourself your favorite ice cream, watch a movie, cook something for yourself. Enjoy what you are feeling today, don’t let that happiness go to waste.

7. Write it down when you can’t hold it:

There will be days when you will have so much going inside your head. The major problem with us is that we keep on going deeper into thought and end up creating problems that did not exist in the first place.

ways to heal yourself- writing

Writing your problems down in your diary or simply on a piece of paper, is going to help you analyze that problem.

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Trust me, when you actually write that down, it does not look as horrifying as it seemed in the brain. You will be able to even get a solution to that problem.

8. Create a routine:

As said earlier, it is important to have a purpose. Every night before sleeping, put up 3 goals on your notepad that you will achieve the next day.

Decide how your day is going to start, write down the things doing which will make you happy. For example, You can schedule a get-together with your friends, or if a good movie is releasing, you can go and watch that.

Along with doing something related to your goal, add something that is going to make you feel happy and relaxed.

9. Work on yourself:

No job will give you the amount of confidence and satisfaction than the job of working on yourself. When we do things to make ourselves better, to heal ourselves, there is a sense of achievement.

We ensure ourselves that we are growing into a better person and that definitely is going to make us feel happy.

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If you feel that you lack confidence, work on it. You wish to learn baking, learn it. Whatever makes you feel good, do exactly that. Most importantly take out time for yourself, don’t just take this process for granted.

10. Practice gratitude:

A rose is not made up of only thorns, it also has beautiful petals and a soothing smell. Similarly, your life does not only has problems in it.

Try searching for things that make you and your life special. Be thankful for the people who are there in your life, think about the beautiful soul that you have.

There is a lot of beauty around the world, you just need to bring your focus to the right thing. Remind yourself of the qualities that you have. Maybe you are very confident, or you might have beautiful hair, something that makes you feel proud of yourself.

11. Sleep well:

Getting proper sleep is really going to help you escape low vibes and unnecessary thoughts. Give yourself at least 8 hours of sleep.

Please don’t spend the whole night scrolling through Instagram or watching web series, that is just going to deteriorate your health even more.

ways to heal yourself- A girl sleeping

Force yourself to sleep on time and I guarantee, you are going to see some serious improvement in your mental health.

12. Listen to something motivating:

There might be a lot of people out there who are suffering through similar problems as you are. Watch their videos, see how they overcame the same problem.

Listen to podcasts that are healthy for your mind and gives you some positive energy. These motivational videos and audios lend you a different perspective to look at life and sometimes they prove to be really helpful.

13. Make yourself a priority:

Just for the sake of healing yourself, stop diverting or wasting your energy on something that is not worth it. It is time that you finally leave everything behind that was stopping you from growing.

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Don’t worry about others, they are going to be fine. You need yourself more than you need anyone else.

I hope you liked this article on different ways to heal yourself. Don’t forget to comment below your views on how important healing can be for our bodies and minds.

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