Boost productivity in just 5 easy follow-ups

(Boost productivity in just 5 easy follow-ups)

It becomes exceedingly difficult to maintain the same level of productivity throughout the day. Most of the time it’s just us dragging ourselves through the tasks on our to-do list just for the sake of completing them.

Even if we are able to complete those tasks we still cannot call ourselves productive because we haven’t really given our 100%.

boost productivity

To be productive, one needs to be in his best form to do the task in a creative and effective manner. Frequent energy drains and distractions can be considered two major reasons for reduced productivity.

With these 5 easy follow-ups, you will be able to have a more productive day.

Here’s how you can boost productivity in just 5 easy follow-ups:

1.Start your day by doing something energetic:

You have to start your day right in order to keep working productively. Try not to be lethargic in the morning and instead do something that lifts your spirit and gives you energy.

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Now, what most people do first in the morning is hit the snooze button right away. Note that the more you delay waking up in the morning the more you are reducing your chances of being productive.

What can help in such a situation is to have a purpose. You need to have something to look forward to each day, prepare a to-do list the night before and prepare your mind to follow up those tasks the next day.

This will help you wake up the next morning with an aim.

boost productivity

To energize yourself, you can do some cardio or play sports or you can also do certain puzzles in order to initiate the thinking process. Some people tend to take bath in the morning in order to feel fresh, you can try that too.

2. Give optimum time to different pieces of work and don’t multi-task:

Setting proper time for doing a particular task is important. If you give it more time than you actually need to complete it, you are wasting unnecessary time on doing only one thing.

If you give it less time, then you will end up doing that thing in a hurry and not giving your 100% to it. Therefore it is important to set an optimum time for the given work.

boost productivity

This will help you work at your own pace, it will give you time to think and come up with creative ideas because you know that you have enough time.

At the same point, while you’re on finishing your tasks, you will not waste unnecessary time because you know that you still have a deadline.

Prevent multi-tasking. You won’t be able to give your best at both places. It would still take the same amount of time but the quality of work will improve if you focus on individual duties.

3. Immerse yourself completely while doing the work and then take a break:

You will need breaks in between but what you should keep in mind is not taking a break while you’re in the middle of a particular thing. Avert taking small snaps in between work, it will break your concentration and once you decide to resume, you will again have to bring yourself back in the momentum.

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boost productivity

It is advised to finish a job in one go and then take a longer break if you want to.

4. Schedule your day according to the energy levels:

You will admit that we cannot have the same energy levels all throughout the day. Another way to make sure that you get all the work done that is mentioned on the list and to get it done well, schedule your day according to your energy levels.

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Only you know when your brain functions at its max and it is not necessary that it’s just the morning time when you feel energetic and fresh, some of us prefer working late nights than early mornings, and that’s okay.

boost productivity

Let me explain to you with an example. Suppose that you are a morning person and your energy levels are at max in the morning. What you should do is schedule all the rigorous tasks, tasks which are extremely important and those which need thinking and a lot of brainpower in this time slot.

Then in the evening, you can take up tasks that are comparatively less important and are fun to do. Then at night, you can do that type of work that does not involve much concentration, like replying to emails or reviewing your day, etc.

This is again going to help you do things in an effective manner which will, in turn, increase productivity.

5. Get enough sleep at the end of the day:

Sleep is really important to boost productivity. You might not believe me now, but when you actually start managing your sleep, you will see a clear difference in your mood, your energy levels, and of course, your productivity.

boost productivity

You should at least aim for 7 to 9 hours of sleep. If you are unable to get sufficient night sleep then you can also choose to take a nap in the afternoon in order to feel fresh and productive. But do make sure that you are getting proper sleep.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article on how to boost your productivity in 5 easy follow-ups.

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