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Through long researches, it has been proved that patience is necessary for success.

If you are patient, you will be easily able to gain control over your mind. With our fast-paced life, it has become our habit to simply jump from one task to another without actually paying attention to our actions.

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Always being positive, ignoring your ‘not so positive’ emotions, feeling guilty for experiencing sadness or anger are some of the traits of toxic positivity.

8 signs that show you're going to be successful in future

With the passing of time, the meaning and the cause of success have taken a more diverse form. Initially, success only meant having degrees and fluency in spoken English. A person having several gradations was considered intelligent and "fit" for success.

20 mandatory skills to learn while you are adulting

Adulting is a phase where our problems cannot be ignored because we are not 'kids' anymore. The only reason to learn new skills is to grow as a person. These skills help to train our minds to make rational decisions so that we are able to handle life's problems.

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