20 things to do when you’re having a bad day

(20 things to do when you’re having a bad day)

It’s not a great feeling to see your days go from all bright and cloudless to colorless and dull. But let’s face it, we all have bad days, and sometimes not doing anything and letting the day pass by itself is what one needs.

having a bad day

Just remember that sometimes it is okay to take it easy and let go of things. Bad days are temporary and yes they do take a bit longer to pass but they will pass.

Here are 20 things that you can do when you’re having a bad day:

1.Go for a long nice walk:

A nice walk with your favorite song on can help you relax your mind and think clearly. Go to your favorite place, or go to a park and enjoy the surroundings.

having a bad day

I love taking walks, especially at night. It has helped me to become a much calmer person as most of the time I am all by myself and the situation gives me no other option than to accept the things that are going on in my life.

2. Binge watching your favorite show:

I read somewhere that the main reason why binge-watching is so therapeutic is that you already know what the story is, you are aware of how the twists and turns are going to end, and therefore it gives you no stress because you don’t have to stay in suspense of what’s going to happen in the end.

having a bad day

Whenever you are having a bad day, just watch a movie or show that you love. If you don’t know what to watch, go back to being a child and binge on cartoons that you used to love as a kid, trust me they will still seem very relevant.

3. Read something interesting:

Continue reading the book that you left in between or start something new. A book has the power to take you away from reality and I think that is what most of us need while facing a bad day.

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having a bad day

4. Do cooking:

Cooking is beneficial as the aroma of the food relaxes the mind and it does help you to feel less stressed. As someone who unreservedly loves food, cooking does help me to deviate my mind from the things that are troubling me.

I do not actually cook food on regular basis but when I do, it gives me a sense of peace and relaxation because it asks you for devoted attention and thus helps you to get your mind away from problems.

5. Take a nap:

Who doesn’t love taking naps? In my opinion, naps are the quickest way to escape from a problem, and most of the time, especially when I am home, I will nap it out whenever I feel low.

If you have nothing to do or if you don’t feel like doing anything you can always take a nap.

6. Dress up and go out:

It isn’t important to go out with somebody else, you can go out with yourself and at the same time enjoy your heart out. Wear your favorite dress, go out and eat your best-loved dishes.

It’s all about how you feel in the end. You should never feel guilty for doing anything for yourself. Problems are a part of life and we cannot escape them but we can choose how to respond to them.

There is no rule that you have to stay sad, choose happiness, it will ask for some efforts but it is always worth it.

7. Write down things you’re grateful for:

Sometimes we forget about the things that we are blessed with and that’s why it is vital to keep reminding yourself about those things.

having a bad day

Take a paper and write down all the things that you thank the universe for, this will give you hope and will push you forward in life.

While you can always work towards becoming a better version of yourself, you should never forget the things that you have. What you have is what will help you to move forward.

8. Play some games:

Games are always a good idea to distract your mind from your problems. Play some games on your phone or your PC.

If you don’t like playing alone, ask a friend to play with you, I am sure you both are going to enjoy it a lot. Even your siblings can be your opponent in the game, it is more fun.

9. Talk to someone:

If you face trouble holding all the emotions within you, then let them out. Talk to someone you trust and someone who will at least be your pillar if not give you any solution to the problem.

We all know that sharing our emotions does help us to feel less pathetic if done with the right person.

10. Plan a nice spa for yourself:

A spa can never go wrong when it comes to making you feel better on a bad day. Book an appointment for a spa from your favorite parlor.

Doing things that make you feel better are also a part of self-love and therefore you should not think much before doing something for yourself.

11. Dance to some energetic songs:

Mostly on bad days, you are only feeling low and nothing more. To dump these blues, you need to do something for that. Dancing to energetic music can boost your mood and help you feel cured.

having a bad day

Make a playlist of all the songs that you love and then dance your heart out. 

12. Try to mould yourself to fit into the changes:

Sometimes changing yourself according to the situation is something you need at that moment. You can’t be rigid every time and it is okay to let go. When you hold on to something that hurts, it is better to get rid of it.

Changes will make you uncomfortable for a short time, but the thought that your new self will be stronger, actually helps you to continue on that journey. 

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13. Sit with your family:

Family can be anywhere, it doesn’t have to be people who gave you birth but also people who make you feel safe and loved.

having a bad day

If being alone makes you feel worse, then, surround yourself with people who are going to make you feel better. 

14. Be with someone who knows how to make you laugh:

These are those very special people who can make you laugh when you do not even want to smile. Every one of us has such a person in our life that can make us forget all our problems. 

15. Know what is troubling you:

When you face hardships in life, in that phase, you only feel that your problems are growing. This in turn might have made you a bit more stressed.

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All you need to do is write down your problems on a piece of paper. You will see that most of the things that you worry about are of no use. Some problems are not in your control and you cannot just do anything about them.

16. Order your favorite dish:

Order your favorite food if you don’t feel like going out or cooking something for yourself. Watch something good, invite your friends or parents over to your house, and have a small dinner with them.

You are facing problems in only some aspects of your life and not all of it. Still, there are some parts of your life that you are grateful for.

Celebrate those aspects of your life, you have a lot of time to focus on the bad. Celebrate the good at this moment.

17. Decorate your wall:

Decorating your wall or any other part of your house will make you feel fresh and it does pull you away from the monotonous vibes that were prevailing all through now and then.

Bring forth the best from your creative brain and see where you reach.

18. Plan out your future:

Sometimes these bad days give us a different perspective which might become a permanent aspect of our life. These points of view are important to make some important decisions and they do impact our lives.

If you think that making a certain decision is going to help you in the future, then respect that decision and go for it. 

19. Try to find a way out of the problem:

It doesn’t have to be just you searching for solutions. Try talking to people with more experience than you, somebody who will give you the right advice, in most cases, they are your parents. 

20. Hangout with animals:

If you have a pet or if someone in your neighborhood has a pet, hang out with them. It is also a great stress buster. 

Bad days come and go and we need to learn how to surf through them. If you’re having a bad day today, just know that this is going to end and it is never permanent. Don’t lose hope and let the strongest version of you take control. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this post on things to do when you’re having a bad day.

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having a bad day

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