15 indications of good mental health

(15 indications of good mental health)

The world around us keeps on changing and with every change comes a challenge to stay resilient and cope up with it.

Along with adapting ourselves to these swapping realities, we also have to take care of ourselves.

mental health

Everything that will happen to you will surely affect your mental health, and that’s why it is important to keep it in check on a regular basis.

Here are 15 signs of good mental health:

1.You feel good about yourself:

It’s impossible to always feel good but you rarely feel that you are unimportant or unworthy. You shouldn’t feel such in the first place because you are really precious to those who value you.

mental health

People who are able to lift and value themselves live a happy life than those who can’t. Others spend the majority of their life worrying and doubting.

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If you have a healthy mind, you are able to boost your mood most of the time rather than going deep into that.

2. You push yourself to achieve bigger things:

We are born with the capability to achieve anything. Some things might take more energy than other things but they are possible. You are in the right direction if you can push your limits and dare to step out of your comfort zone.

mental health

You take the challenge and try to give your best in every situation that you come across. If you are someone to whom the first thought right after facing a challenge is: “I cannot do it”, then that can be a sign of lack of self-esteem.

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Practice positive thinking to overcome such a hurdle.

3. You have made peace with life:

All of us are equally fucked up and we know that there is no way out. This is what we have and we need to make the best of our life.

It’s extremely important to accept the ultimatums that life throws at us. You cannot change everything. While you can always change things that you can but most of the time we will come across situations that are out of our control.

mental health

The best thing you can do is to leave it as it is and focus on your happiness. There is only one way to be happy and that is to accept the things you can’t alter.

4. You do not shy away from asking for help:

There are a lot of us who feel that asking for help will make us less capable or make us look weak. This is also a reason why most of the people who have or who are going through mental health-related issues tend to stay in that condition for a long period of time.

mental health

They have misinterpreted help as a sign of weakness. We need to absorb and accept the fact that we are not super-humans yet and it is normal to face highs and lows.

Seek help if you need to, you will feel much better. Don’t do it for anybody but for yourself.

5. You have an exemplary self-esteem:

There are times in life when certain moments tend to tarnish our self-esteem for a much extended time period.

Some people try to overcome the problem of self-esteem by continuously facing that fear and fighting against it, which is definitely very important.

mental health

All of us can be the best version of who we are, you are just one step away from becoming a brand new person.

People with high self-esteem do have a better ability to manage their mental health because they believe in themselves.

6. You are able to cope up with day to day stress:

Day to day stress is an ordinary thing and sometimes it is actually important to push ourselves to work and get done with all tasks.

mental health

People with a healthy mind are capable of coping up with such doses of stress. On the other hand, there are some who get really anxious even in the smallest of situations.

All you need to do is take a deep breath and remind yourself that this will get over and you will come out of this in your best form.

7. You are emotionally flexible:

Emotional flexibility is the ability to let go of certain emotions especially the ones that are troubling you.

Shit happens to all of us and it would be really impractical to cling to things or people that only bring you sadness.

mental health

It will certainly take time to move on from things but what is important is that you should be continuously trying to move on, might be a small step but you need to move ahead.

8. You are self-aware:

You know much about yourself, you know what are your likes and dislikes and what are the things that you believe in.

mental health

This is because we all need to make choices and not just choices but good ones. The significant way to do this is to know who you are and take decisions according to that.

The better choices you will make, the happier you will be.

9. You can maintain good relations:

Happy people tend to make others happy too. You can make people feel important and worthy and tend to work on a relationship in a better manner.

Not only maintaining good relations but you also choose people who are good for you.

10. You tend to set clear boundaries:

Setting boundaries is important and you can only do that if you know what is your worth and what kind of people you want in your life.

Setting proper boundaries will actually save you from unnecessary problems and drama in life.

mental health

Everybody learns and you cannot go all the way undefeated. It is okay to make mistakes and mistakes in fact are your best teachers.

11. You like spending time with yourself:

Most people think that being all by themselves is boring or is a nod that you’re lonely. This is a completely misunderstood notion because you are the best person you can be with.

mental health

You should be comfortable with your company and you will actually be at peace when you are all alone with your thoughts because it makes you aware of what you are feeling.

12. You feel important:

You know that you are valued and this is the most important thing that you should know today.

You are beautiful and you just have to accept it.

A huge number of people feel that they are incapable or less than anyone else and that’s the reason they tend to develop a lot of mental health-related issues.

Loneliness is the major cause of people not feeling good enough. Go out and find people who love to be with you.

13. You don’t need validation:

We are constantly being judged by the people around us but that should affect us the least because some opinions aren’t worth your attention.

You are perfect because you are you and I hope you know that. You don’t need anybody to approve of your emotions or your personality.

If you like being the person you are then there should be no one stopping you from being that.

14. You focus on your well being:

Your well-being holds the priority over everything else. You do not compromise yourself over anything that holds less value for yourself.

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It is not important to always argue and try to prove yourself over your mental health.

15. You take care of your health:

You love yourself and you cannot simply ignore your mental and physical health. You try to take out time for your health because you know it is important.

mental health

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