14 signs your life’s in the right direction

The question: “Am I on the right path?” often pops up in our minds. We sometimes get confused about whether the things we are doing or whether the attitude we have adapted is right for the goals we are aiming for or not. The dilemma is normal, most of us face it. Given below are the signs that are going to tell you whether or not your life’s going in the right direction.

your life's in the right direction

14 signs that tell your life’s going in the right direction:

1.You can imagine your higher self by your daily habits:

“Whenever you feel demotivated, just remind yourself why you started.”

This quote exactly explains that. With the tasks that you do daily and the choices that you make, even if sometimes you feel that you can’t really push it or if you feel you should give up, you’re able to motivate yourself to continue instead of all the obstacles.

your life's in the right direction

You know your life’s going in the right direction when you can imagine where your daily habits are going to take you and that vision is positive.

2. You know how your choices are going to benefit you:

Even if you might be missing some gatherings or other things which are less important than your goal, you do not regret your choices because you know that there is something bigger than this waiting for you.

You know that choosing self-improvement over parties is going to benefit you even if it is the toughest choice for you to make.

3. You have stopped comparing yourself with others:

Rather than focusing on what others do with their lives, you focus more on how your life is turning out to be. You do not compare your progress on the basis of what positions others are at, but instead, you measure how much YOU have grown over a certain period of time.

your life's in the right direction

You know that your life has a completely different purpose than those around you and that’s why comparing your life with somebody else is a total waste of time.

4. You feel the guilt for not standing up to your expectations:

There might be certain days where you chose YouTube over working for your goal and that must have definitely made you feel guilty.

your life's in the right direction

Although it is completely fine to sometimes take a break, we are talking about those times when you could have just ended up working if you could have pushed yourself a little more.

When you’re aimless, you do not have anything to feel guilty about, you don’t feel peccant for spending 2 hours on YouTube and that’s when you know that you’re not on the right track.

5. You are happier and stronger than before:

You are internally happy because you have dreams or goals to look forward to. You expect great things from life because you are actually putting in the work.

your life's in the right direction

You are stronger than before because you are so much in love with your dreams that you know you will do anything to achieve them.

6. There is a positive difference between who you were before and who you are now:

If you compare yourself with the person you were before, you can see a clear difference in that. That’s a good sign which tells that you are moving in the right direction.

your life's in the right direction

If you’re not much proud of who you have turned out to be then it is time to reflect and make choices that help you grow.

7. You see each day as a new opportunity:

You wake up every morning with an intention, a goal to achieve certain things. You know the consequences of your actions, you know that if you procrastinate waking up in the morning, it is your dreams that are going to suffer.

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your life's in the right direction

Tomorrow is an opportunity to try even harder than today and you wish to make the best use of that opportunity.

8. You have become more positive over time:

Even if you are going in the right direction, it doesn’t mean that you won’t face problems. You do face problems as you were facing it before but now you have understood that each problem, each situation has something to teach you.

your life's in the right direction

You do not just give up from the fear of failure, your faith helps you to move forward.

9. You no longer do things to please the society:

The decisions that you make are not based on whether society will accept you or not or how other people are going to react to your decision.

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your life's in the right direction

They solely depend on how it is going to affect you and your growth. Your actions don’t depend on what’s trending on social media, rather, you tend to make logical decisions, the decisions that will actually help you in the future.

10. You have become more patient:

Not just in life, you have become patient in even your behavior. You do not urge to give a response just for the sake of replying, you do not make random decisions, instead, you take time to analyze things.

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11. You have started loving yourself:

Loving yourself is not just pampering yourself, it is much more than that. It is doing things that are right for you. Pushing yourself to work hard is self-love, being disciplined, cutting toxic people out of your life, allowing yourself to go through discomfort are all forms of self-love.

your life's in the right direction

12. You main focus is on the future and not the past:

It is true that you learn from the past continuously but you do not let that past control your future. You do not hold onto the things that have happened in the past, you move on because you believe that there is something better waiting for you.

You know that it’s okay to give up on the good things while chasing for something better.

13. You wish to learn and grow:

You want to continuously learn new things. You want to grow and you want to better yourself.

14. The steering wheel of your life is in your hand:

You know that your life is in your control and you are satisfied with how your life is going. You do not complain or blame others for the problems that you face because you know that this life is your responsibility.

It’s okay to be in a doubt as long as you are willing to solve it. Sometimes these questions are really important to remind ourselves of the goals that we want to accomplish and the direction that is good for us. If you face such a situation, just take time to analyze your current being and make changes if you need to.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post on signs that tell whether your life’s in the right direction or not.

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