10 ways to be a more patient person in life

There are so many things that we can achieve over time only if we are patient. Through long researches, it has been proved that patience is necessary for success.

If you are patient, you will be easily able to gain control over your mind. With our fast-paced life, it has become our habit to simply jump from one task to another without actually paying attention to our actions.

Practicing patience also requires a lot of patience and that’s why a lot of us fail in achieving that. In fact, if you want to achieve anything in life, you will require patience. Be it success, be it happiness, be it anything.

ways to be a more patient

We don’t even have time to actually ponder over our thoughts, we don’t want to wait, we have become used to everything that is instant.

Here are 10 ways that will help you become a more patient person in life:

1.Reduce stress:

The biggest cause of impatience is stress. Stress may put you in a situation where you are not aware of your actions, you simply keep on doing things in order to stay busy, and to prevent yourself from thinking about the problem. This is just going to make things worse for you.

ways to be a more patient

To be more patient, you first have to learn to reduce stress. You can do this by taking out time for things that you love, or by simply putting a halt to everything you are doing for a moment, and asking yourself about how you are actually feeling, and writing down things that are making you feel awful.

2. Take small breaks:

Before going on with another task, take a small break to simply clear out your mind and prepare yourself and your brain for the upcoming mission.

ways to be a more patient

The pause doesn’t have to be more than 10 to 15 minutes. This will in fact teach you the importance of being patient and will also shoot up your productivity.

3. Replace actions with thoughts:

Even though you don’t want to, you still end up scrolling through Instagram in between your work mindlessly. This is where the problem lies. We do not have control over our minds.

Before you do anything, ask yourself why you are doing it and how is it going to benefit you. Once you get the answer, it is then your choice whether you still want to continue doing that or not.

You will notice that most of the tasks you do in your daily life do not actually contribute much to your productivity.

4. Meditate:

Meditation is something that is really going to teach you patience in the most uncomfortable way. When you sit in the posture, you have nothing to do except focus on your breathing and that’s when you come face to face with the true challenge.

ways to be a more patient

I know it is really hard to sit there and do nothing, and with you, I am also learning to be more patient. As I like to do it, I start with sitting for just 5 minutes and then I increase it to 10 minutes after a week or two. This is the maximum that I have been able to achieve until now.

5. Make yourself wait:

Force yourself to wait no matter how difficult it is. Tell yourself to not check your phone frequently, or push yourself to spend 10 minutes by yourself without doing any work. Once you start practicing all of this, you will understand how difficult it is to actually be patient.

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That voice in your head is really going to produce an itch to run back to who you were before, but you need to take it as a challenge and succeed at it at any cost.

6. Bring composure in your daily activities:

Even in regular activities, we are so impatient. Most of us eat so hastily, we do not chew properly and we just want to get done with it.

We are so used to doing things in a hurry, we think that we are able to do any task in a given period of time. You might finish a task as early as you can, but you are then compromising on the quality of that work.

ways to be a more patient

Teach yourself to wait a little bit more every day. Try to prevent yourself from getting late so that you don’t always have to do things in a hurry.

7. Be mindful:

Being mindful is as effective as meditating, you just focus on the thing that you are doing at the moment. Suppose you are doing something related to your college work, but your mind keeps on diverting on things like upcoming events or a fight you had with your friend or something that plays no role in the work that you are doing at the moment.

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You cannot prevent thoughts from coming to your mind but you can send them back, you can stop yourself from getting diverted. Being mindful also reduces stress and hence you are doubly benefitted.

8. Keep reminding yourself:

You cannot succeed in one go and there will be times where you will not be aware of the things that you are doing. Doing things conscientiously is really difficult.

ways to be a more patient

Most of the activities that we do in our day-to-day lives are controlled by our sub conscientious mind and that is why it becomes really important to keep reminding ourselves of the goals that we are trying to achieve.

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Getting worn out during this process is normal, but you don’t have to give up.

9. Wait for the story to completely unfold itself:

Sometimes our impatience tends to put us in trouble especially in certain social situations where we form our judgments much prior to when we become aware of the actual story.

Prevent yourself from taking any actions carelessly and have the patience to actually understand the whole story.

10. Do not multi-task:

Multi-tasking will prevent you from giving your best at a single task. Finish one task and then start with another. If you are unable to get done with all of your work then make a schedule that helps you become more productive.

“Learning patience can be a difficult experience, but once conquered you will find life easier.” – Catherine Pulsifer

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